Sunday, October 4, 2009


There cometh the Glorious Chaperones, like a Phoenix reborn from the wine soaked ashes,
to save the wayward minions and bring them back to the middle way or the rightful path of glory, whichever is more fun, losers.
Tremble and beware, all your evil deeds are observed and noted and therefore given points.
Rumor has it, points will start being awarded at the 30 th Yoshukai Karate Dothan Tournament. Govern yourselves accordingly !
However, rumor has it again, some of you losers, have already fallen and deserve points and have been noted. Not to mention names : Paul - the Masher - aka 1/2 minute man - Turner; Bobo the Miller; Baby boy Mangham; and of course the old ever favorite David the Black Sheep Williams.
Points to be awarded Monday.... Unless drink has been taken.

AND BY THE WAY, Points already awarded for poor behavior :Paul Turner : 2 points for non returning text to Chaperones.


Yoshukai Karate Chaperones are back - stay in touch...