Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chaperones go to France

Shihan Travis Page and I traveled to France in November 2011. I had planned a few classes and demonstrations to promote Yoshukai Karate. 

On November 21, we visited my friend and previous Nihon Tai Jitsu instructor Mr Jean Luc Lemoine at his Tai Jitsu kan Dojo in Rouen.

Jean Luc had suffered a heart attack the week before, and we proposed to teach his Monday night class for him. 

We got on the mat with his students and Mr Page taught them a number of his signature street and bar fighting techniques, while I was trying to translate some of the details.

Nihon Tai Jitsu incorporates techniques found in mainstream Budo such as Karate, Aikido, Judo. Students ranged from 7th Kyu to Niddan, The class lasted about 2 hours. The enthusiasm and efficiency of Mr Page, and the practicality of his waza - chokes, throws and strikes - were highly appreciated by all. Mr Page had to come home early and we did not get the opportunity to work out with the local branch of Kyokushinkai Karate which is has been getting more and more popular in France for the past 10 years. Another trip will be needed...

On November 25th, I myself had the pleasure to train with my friend and Kendo Instructor Francis Hollier, at the Kendokai of Friville Escarbotin, when Mr Page and I gave classes several years ago on 2 occasions.

Overall, Yoshukai Karate and its Spirit are appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency. It should be kept this way. 
If it works, practice it, if it does not, drop it. 

Put differently : I am sick and tired of seeing poor self defense displayed at Dan testing. If you get ready to test, ask someone much bigger than you to attack you and see if your self defense works. If it does not work, change it, but don't waste our time coming to test with something that would leave you dead in the street...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


There cometh the Glorious Chaperones, like a Phoenix reborn from the wine soaked ashes,
to save the wayward minions and bring them back to the middle way or the rightful path of glory, whichever is more fun, losers.
Tremble and beware, all your evil deeds are observed and noted and therefore given points.
Rumor has it, points will start being awarded at the 30 th Yoshukai Karate Dothan Tournament. Govern yourselves accordingly !
However, rumor has it again, some of you losers, have already fallen and deserve points and have been noted. Not to mention names : Paul - the Masher - aka 1/2 minute man - Turner; Bobo the Miller; Baby boy Mangham; and of course the old ever favorite David the Black Sheep Williams.
Points to be awarded Monday.... Unless drink has been taken.

AND BY THE WAY, Points already awarded for poor behavior :Paul Turner : 2 points for non returning text to Chaperones.


Yoshukai Karate Chaperones are back - stay in touch...